Christmas in Florida meets an Iconic Central Park Parade

Macy’s Parade at Universal Orlando

Santa Claus is joined again by some the Universal Orlando greats, the Minions, Shrek and the character from the movie Madagascar are some of those taking part in the incredible holiday festive Procession. The higher-ups at Universal and Macy’s have come together to recreate an incredible warm weather version of the iconic annual Thanksgiving Day parade right here in Florida.

This year marked the 92nd episode of Macy’s world-famous themed parade which has lent itself to The Sunshine State to feature its own roster of stars which form part of the Universal Holiday parade and festivities throughout the Orlando Resort.
If you want a little Shrek and Grinch mischief as part of your seasonal cheer, then get yourself along to the latest showing for a real sense of Central Park meets Theme Park, staring your favorite Universal characters.

The carnival atmosphere emanating from the floats passing by is genuinely epic. Skillfully choreographed entertainers move to upbeat music, and even the balloons seem to take on a life of their own. The curbside viewing offers a chance for all ages to watch, either sitting or standing. You even get the cast-members coming up close to you, who encourage you to have more fun – if that is possible. I found it hard to hold back on my enthusiasm.
The light show, in combination with the flying confetti, gave a fantastic illusion and was a prelude to the fake snow, or was it the other way around?
Dubbed ‘Merry Mayhem’ by some, the parade made an introduction last year and will run this 2018 holiday season from Nov. 17 to Jan. 6.

A member of the cavalcade’s operations team has made it known, that it is no small feat in pull off this wonderful and rewarding event where the spectacular results speak for themselves. For the team, it is a proud moment for all those involved, not only the parade itself but those behind the scenes as well.

The theme is centered around a sparkling and cherished memory for all ages, which is given life at the event by its much-loved characters.

One of the exciting aspect I found as the parade made its way around the 26-mile route was that I got more than my money’s worth. Once the procession passed me by, I was able to move to another location and see the whole event repeated in front of my eyes. I absolutely loved it from start to finish and then all over again!

I’m not usually one to pick favorites because I love it all, but the handcrafted floats starring characters from Madagascar, Despicable Me (those Minions get me every time, if they invited me to go live with them I would be on it straight away, goggles on and laughing all the way to my new home), and of course not forgetting one of the best, Shrek and Fiona dressed as Mr & Mrs. Santa. Wow, I thought I was actually taking part in my very own fairy tale!

Then if that wasn’t enough, along came the Macy’s float. I was mesmerized with the sight of the giant balloons, the colors so brilliant and vivid it almost looked too real, but then, it is Christmas after all and miracles can come to life!

For all those who want to take a piece of the parade home as a keepsake, you’ll be glad to know there is some wicked Macy’s themed merchandise available, which goes well to keep those sweet memories fresh and alive. The Epic 2019 themed Merchandise can also be found to top out your retail therapy, or your trophy cabinet like mine.

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