The Seuss is back!

With the Whos ramping up festivities for Christmas time, it’s up to the Grinch and his faithful sidekick Max the Dog to disrupt events with his own version in the form of Grinchmas.

It’s here at last! Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures introduce the new 2018 CGI Grinch movie, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Rashida Jones providing the voices of the green grump and Donna Who.

A good time is too much for green meanie to handle as he plans his own anti-Christmas celebrations.

Whoville is going big this year! In fact, three-times bigger, brighter and considerable louder to the Grinch’s ear, and much to his annoyance for a prolonged quiet life.

None too happy with just his lone wolf existence on Mount Crumpet, the cartoon Grinch comes up with his dastardly plan to impersonate the big man in the red suit. Yes, you guessed it, he thinks he can get his claws into the Whos by pretending to be Mr. Claus and steal Christmas. Can he silence them for his own peace and quiet, or can Donna and Cindy-Lou Who win the all-important seasonal day?

Is it possible for a single little girl’s holiday spirit of generosity to melt the heart of the grumpy green one in time? And will Max stay the test of time – he’s not just a stuffed animal you know? This story is an every-lasting optimistic fable of the power of Christmas that only the brilliant Dr. Seuss can tell in his unique way.

The Seussian tale delivers all it promises with a distinct direction in keeping with the Doctor’s beloved wishes. And all this in a full-length holiday movie!

Let me spoil no more! Find out yourselves how it all turns out…no no, don’t try and engage Dr. Seuss on Twitter, go see the movie, it will be much more fun. I promise you. Me, I’ll be there too, with my favorite Grinch t-shirt on, hat too. Maybe I’ll go twice as I have two hats. Might not wear my new themed PJ’s outside the house though, I’ll save them for when it’s out on Netflix.

With the holidays just around the corner, this is a great film to go see to get you well and truly in the right spirit for Xmas.

As if you might need reminding, one of the Universal Studios theme parks, Island of Adventure (IOA) has the awesome Seuss Landing feature which has a large Grinch section showing live seasonal shows this time of year. You can probably get a look-see on YouTube too. Apparently, the Christmas tree is up and lit in Seuss Landing, so check that out as well.

At IOA there is a great Grinch merchandise store with lots of stuff from the new 2018 movie. With plush toys, and suitably green figures of The Grinch and handsome Max the Dog too, the range goes from impressive apparel (to wear to the movies like me) to mugs, key rings, and badges, all can be found for your pleasure. And online!

And lots of great stocking fillers to boot. In fact, they even have a Grinch ‘Merry Grinchmas’ stocking available. So, stop practicing your ‘Resting Grinch Face’ and get stuffing those stockings for the holidays and bring wide grinning faces to your loved ones.

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